Ambition Baton Twirling & Dance 

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Private Baton or dance Lessons 

New Twirlers

 Ambition Competition Team

The student has one on one instruction learning the art of Dance or baton.  These lessons are meant for those interested in individual competitive dance or baton. 

This is a beginner class for baton twirling offered to those who have never twirled before! They will learn the very basics of baton twirling and even learn some partner tricks with their classmates.
Ambition Competition teams compete and perform all around the midwest.  You must be twirling for one year before you try out for the competition teams.  

Tosses/ low Flips

Rolls Class

Multiple Baton 

This class gives the twirlers extra practice on those high aerial skills and low flip combinations! This class is offered in multiple levels of classes! 
This class is meant to expand the twirlers knowledge and practice of rolls.  This class is offered to any age or level! 
These classes teach twirlers to twirl 2 and 3 batons. These skills are used in competition and performance.  Many twirlers will take this class to learn how to twirl on the football field for halftime performances with the band. 

Tiny Twirlers 


We now offer all ages of multipel styles of dance! Ballet, Hip Hop, Jazz, Contemporary, Lyrical and Technique classes!
This class if for 3-4 year olds! They will learn the very basics of baton twirling!